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The one secret all singers should know

Why do some singers make it look easy to sing?

Are they born with it?

Is it because you lack the talent?

Are you simply not the right voice type?

NO. Absolutely not!

The one secret of singing almost effortlessly is to learn a solid vocal technique. Once you obtain a strong and reliable foundation you can sing for hours and hours on end without straining your voice.

You’re probably tired of struggling on your own, listening to other singers contradictory advice whilst wasting time on boring and ineffective scales and exercises.

My friend - I hear you.

That’s why all of our courses follow an easy step-by-step approach created by teachers with experience from teaching thousands of singers all over the world.


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"My reasoning for getting training with Paula was a lack of ability to sing in the high end and an urge to obtain more calmness and confidence in my vocal performances.

Paula has definitely given me the tools to develop my range and style.

I felt a significant improvement and a greater understanding of how my voice works."

- Asger Techau
Solo artist/ Drummer in Kashmir


Want to master different voice techniques and open up for endless creative potential?

Of course you do - that’s why you are here.

We want you to discover your unique sound by playing around with different techniques - which give you endless creative possibilities.

Imagine if you could expand your vocal range and easily switch from a deep bass into high pitched power note with distortion - or if you could growl and grunt for hours and hours on end.

We’re handing you the tools to reach those goals and then it’s up to you.

Your unique style and sound means a lot to us. We do NOT tell you how to sound. That’s not for us to decide what sound is right or wrong.

We trust you know how you’d like to sound!

"Paula does something I haven’t seen other vocal coaches do before.

In only 30 minutes, she can make the most complicated cumbersome section into a success that you can take home and work to perfection.

I had not put much effort into my singing, until I started focusing on it around 2-3 years ago. Because of that, I ended up making a lot of “rookie mistakes.

With Paula I learned to relieve my voice, that was previously beat up pretty bad from the extreme vocal techniques.

I got the whole package: Reach, Distortion, Growl, Fry, etc. I use the techniques actively every single time I practice or perform live.

Singing lessons are a very good place to start - especially before you start adopting all the bad habits, that can be incredibly hard to shake off."

- Tim Nederveen
The Vision Ablaze

"Paula is attentive and calm, yet still insanely sharp.

She offers very concrete and useful advice and manages to pass on techniques in an easily understood manner.

In a single vocal coaching session, Paula has managed to teach me more about singing and technique than i have learnt my whole life.

I have a completely new understanding of what I do - and how i can become even better."

- Mai Sydendal
Gorilla Angreb