The Singers Super Power

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Vocal Twang is for... well for everyone who likes to sing!

Twang is a voice essential that saves your voice from an excessive amount of effort. That is why we call it the super power for singers of all kinds!

This is for you who:

  • Wants a lot more power but less work
  • Need that extra little “something” to nail those extreme vocals, especially distortion/ creak/ fry/ screams
  • Got the right support, the right vowels and the right mouth position - but still can’t reach the high notes
  • Is looking for a focused, edged and penetrating sound
  • Doesn’t understand the difference between necessary and distinct twang
  • Thinks that Twang is the same as being nasal
  • Is convinced that Twang is simply “that horrible duck-sound”
  • Don’t think that Twang is necessary when using darker sound color
  • Is confused about terms like “the ping” “the corr”, “the ring”, “sing in to the mask”, “bring the voice forward” etc.
  • Believe that you don’t need twang (spoiler alert: all singers need to know about Twang)

Twang is part of the basic principles in all fundamental vocal technique, no matter what sound you prefer

This is a simple and thoroughly explained course, including:

  • 14 simple and bite-sized videos
  • 7 different hands- (and voice) on exercises
  • 13 different tricks and mental images
  • Anatomical insight relevant to Twang
  • Twang FAQ
  • Ongoing course updates and improvements

Your Instructor

Paula Befrits
Paula Befrits

Paula is a singer and vocal coach living in Denmark.

Her 30 year career as a lead/ backing singer - and her 10 year (and running) as a vocal coach has given her an understanding of the struggles singers experience today. The challenges with vocal technique, performance and the physically and emotionally demands.

She is offering 1:1 vocal coaching, courses in Extreme Vocals and is vocal coach for actors at Skuespillerakademiet in Copenhagen.

Paula is trained as an Authorised Complete Vocal Technique teacher at Complete Vocal Institute.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
What if I don't like the "twanged sound"?
Go through the course any way. I am sure you'll get surprised and realize that Twang is so much more than one specific kind of sound..
Do I need this as a beginner?
Yes. Well maybe not as the first thing... But as soon as you start to have problems with too little volume, reaching high notes, or low notes, want a lighter sound color, having unwanted airy notes, difficulties with ending notes, uncomfortable sensations in the throat, pitch problems or difficulties with achieving effects like distortion, creak, fry, growl, grunt, rattle, intentional vocal breaks, ornamentation technique etc - you need to become friends with your Twang! Together with breath support and the right mouth positions Twang is a essential of your basic vocal technique..

Get started now!